A self-taught painter. Inspired by a school visit to the Musee D’Orsay in Paris at a young age, she began sketching in ink and experimenting with acrylics before progressing to oils. Her portfolio encompasses a range of cityscapes, cafe scenes and architecture, predominantly focusing on London, Paris, and Venice, where she finds the surroundings compliment her love of history and languages and where the immediacy of life compels her to capture moments and movement. She is increasingly incorporating figures into her work, - striving to transpose the expressive energy of people directly onto canvas . Vibrant, yet transitory, works are captivating. Familiar scenes are enhanced by the use of intense light contrasts and vivid colours. Movement is given pace and propulsion. Selective detailing serves to suggest a narrative to the viewer, while leaving room for individual interpretation. Everyday moments become distinctive and personal, while the overall aesthetic is ultimately bold and full of impact. 



The artist's unmistakable style is developed from a passion for cities, documenting their unique cultures and environments. Her work comprises a stunning series of large canvases depicting the cities of London, Paris & Venice. Richly coloured, The artist's work is primarily concerned with architecture. Iconic viewpoints are subtly manipulated to create an ‘ideal’ view. The paintings are about orientation and grounding, about a certain contentment you feel in an exact place at an exact time.


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